Gershon Legman

Jesse T Sheidlower jester at PANIX.COM
Sat Jun 26 16:27:59 UTC 1999

> Legman mentions in his Farmer and Henley introduction that he had an
> extensive collection of slang citations.  This, together with other
> materials of his, is probably of great importance.  Does anyone know
> anything about the disposition of Legman's books and papers?

I do not know but would very much like to know. Legman's erotica
collection must be incalculably valuable, but he had huge
amounts of slang as well. His collection is also very well
known and I'm sure people have tried to get their hands on it.

There is a folklorist who has been in close touch with Legman,
but I'm unfortunately blanking on the name...he wrote an
appreciation of Legman in _Maledicta_ some years back.

Jesse Sheidlower
<jester at>

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