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Not only is Larry's suggestion plausible, it is in fact pretty well what the
Webster's New World Dict (3rd College ed, 1988) has.  I don't remember the
details, but I THINK that was new for the 3rd ed, and it was probably David
Gold who researched it.


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> >    David Shulman told me today that he found a "pastromi" citation from
> >1927.  As everyone knows, "pastrami" is our greatest etymological mystery
> >since the Reuben sandwich and the Caesar salad.
> I suppose it might be  my own local folk etymology, but I've
> wondered about
> the relation (if any) between pastrami and the Turkish dried meat delicacy
> known as pastIrmI (back [i]).  Given the long Ottoman occupation of the
> relevant parts of Eastern Europe, home of Romanian Jews and others, it's
> not inconceivable (even if it's probably mistaken) to posit such a
> relation...
> Larry

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