Cheese curds

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Thu Nov 4 21:09:09 UTC 1999

From: Amy Speed <speed at PARADIGMTECH.COM>

: Has anyone seen cheese curds outside of Wisconsin? Cheese curds are a
: little ball of battered yellow cheese and fried until the cheese is
: stringy (kind of like mozzarella sticks). I'm craving them, and can
: find them nowhere!

FTR, i've seen unbattered, uncooked cheese curds for sale at the
Bird-in-Hand Farmer's Market (which is only vaguely a farmer's market) in
Bird-in-Hand PA. They're also, of course, part of the odd but pleasant
Quebecois dish, poutine(sp?).

And in a desperate attempt to bring this even remotely on-topic, anyone know
why they're called "curds"?

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