Gore as Blakean

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Tue Nov 9 03:22:33 UTC 1999

  In response to the question about Albert Gore being labeled "Blakean" by
Naomi Wolf:

    I saw the program in which George Will asked Naomi Wolf what she meant
by describing Gore as Blakean in one of her writings.  I listened carefully
but was unable to fully understand  her reply.  It had something to do with
Blake's mind being able to grasp complexities and nuances, and Gore
presumably being able to do the same.

     On a general note, what struck me most about  Ms. Wolf is that she  is
pretty free and loose in her use of written langauge--as when she once
wrote about Al Gore having "goofy" ideas, when  she merely meant  that
those ideas  are  a bit ahead of their time.   As a result, when she was
questioned about the meaning of some of her statements, she repeatedly fell
back on saying that their meaning was being "twisted" or  that the
statements were "taken out of context."

-----Gerald Cohen

>My father-in-law emailed me this AM to report that on This Week (w/ Cokie
>Roberts, Sam Donaldson, Geo. Will),  Will questioned Naomi Wolf (who just
>became a Gore campaign consultant) about her characterization of Al Gore as
>Did anyone here see this and have any idea what they were talking about?
>What constitutes a Blakean personality? Please don't tell me it refers to an
>unappreciated, misunderstood genius.
>Gareth Branwyn
>Jargon Watch Editor

gcohen at umr.edu

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