Alice Faber faber at LENNY.HASKINS.YALE.EDU
Wed Nov 10 05:16:20 UTC 1999

There's too much in the digest for me to scroll through specifically to Allan
Metcalf's comments about the problems getting the IPA font to show up in the
PDF format of the ADS digest (I feel like I'm channeling Hair! here!). I ran
into that problem preparing a grant proposal for NSF that had to be submitted
in PDF format, and we finally resolved it. Essentially, you have to make sure
you're using an IPA font that can be embedded in the PDF file. However, if the
IPA font resides on a particular computer, the PDF file will display properly,
even if the font isn't embedded in the PDF file. We discovered through trial
and error that the SIL fonts work fine, but that the IPAKiel font that has
been pretty much a lab standard doesn't work at all. I think the technical
limit is that it has to be a TrueType font (IPAKiel is PostScript).


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