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Sir, My name is Kathleen Jones. I am currently beginning work on my
dissertation in Adult Education at UGA. My work involves the creation of a
classroom environment conducive to the instuction in bidilectualism for
African American adults experiencing difficulty in the work world due to
their use of AAVE.
    I have taught high school English for 15 years in an inner-city Augusta
high school with a student body that is 85% African American. I fully
recognize the fact that many of our graduates end up in developmental English
classes when they enter 4 year institutions or technical institutions. They
leave us unprepared,....but not from lack of exposure to SAE.
     I also instruct in English 101 and 191 night classes at a local
technical school. The use of AAVE also creates difficulties in written work
in these classes. These students have little concept of bidialectualism....
     I understand that identify issues, power dynamics, and several other
issues are involved here. I am seeking direction into material that speaks to
these issues. I have read Gee, some Baugh, Collins, hooks, and many others.
Still feel that there is a void in my research.
     Suggestions, criticism, reflections...everything and anything you can
throw my way would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Kathleen Jones
KJones1311 at aol.com

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