Student wants to Study abroad

Bethany K. Dumas dumasb at UTK.EDU
Wed Nov 17 12:06:26 UTC 1999

I have received the ff. query from an 11th-grade student; can you
suggest something?


>>I am writing to inquire about programs and opportunities concerning
>studying abroad.  I am planning to travel to Japan this summer to visit
>my cousin, whose husband is stationed in Yakuska.  While in Japan, I
>would like to be involved in some type of program for gifted studies,
>student exchange program, or some other worthwhile cause.  I know very
>little about what opportunities may be available to me.  I am sure that
>while visiting Japan, I could enrich myself both culturally and
>academically.  Whatever information you could send would be greatly
>appreciated.  If you know of someone I could contact to learn more about
>opportunities in Japan, please send that information as well.  Thank you
>so much for your time.

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