Ugly/crazy for the rest of your life (continued)

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Thu Sep 2 02:14:29 UTC 1999

     Thanks for reminding me about Sir Winston Churchill.  The famous quote
with Lady Astor was "If you were my husband, I'd serve you poison"/"If I were
your husband, I'd drink it."
    This is from the CASSELL COMPANION TO QUOTATIONS (1997) by Nigel Rees,
pg. 167, col. 2:

And you, madam, are ugly.  But I shall be sober in the morning.
     To Bessie Braddock MP who had told him he was drunk.  Quoted in Sykes &
Sproat _The Wit of Sir Winston_ (1965), without naming Braddock.  She was
named in Leslie Frewin, _Immortal Jester_ (1973).

     This is from IMMORTAL JESTER,  pg. 22:

     "Winston, you're drunk," said Bessie Braddock, Socialist member for
     "Bessie, you're ugly and tomorrow morning I'll be sober but you'll still
be ugly," retorted Churchill.
--Commons, London.

     There was one biography (from 1957) of Bessie Braddock, but I couldn't
find the quotation in the book.  Braddock was ugly, no question.  How ugly?
She was so ugly, when she was born, the doctor slapped her mother.  She was
so ugly...  (Cf. Rodney Dangerfield.)
     Braddock became a member of Parliament in 1945.  The Winston Churchill
quotation probably dates from the late 1940s.
     Which means that W. C. Fields (IT'S A GIFT, 1934) was first.

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