Polish graduate student seeks help

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Thu Sep 2 18:29:37 UTC 1999

I've received two communications from this Polish graduate student. Told him
I wasn't able to help in the way he requests, but offered to post his request
on ADS-L. Here it is. If you have help or suggestions for him, please respond
directly to him at the e-mail address he gives. Thanks - Allan Metcalf


Waldemar Szastak
ul. Zlotoryjska 70/10
59-220 Legnica

Regarding: amore information about ADS and academic advising

Dear Mr. Metcalf

I would hereby like to address you with a request to help me and take
over "academic advising" over my linguistic research.

My name is Waldemar Szastak, I am 28 Years old and I am currently a
graduate student of the last semester of doctorate studies at the
University of Wroclaw (Poland).  My dissertation concerns the influence
of the languages of ethnic minorities living in Austria (foreign
languages) on the dialect of Vienna under academic advising of Prof.
Krzysztof Janikowski (Wroc?aw Univ.) as well as additional advising of
Prof. Heinz Dieter Pohl (Klagenfurt Univ./Austria) and Prof. Franz
Patocka (Vienna Univ./Austria)

On account of my interest in language contacts in dialect. I would very
much like to broaden my knowledge in that respect on the basis of the
language contacts in dialect that occurred in the USA.  Therefore, I am
planning on taking a trip to USA for a period of 3-4 months.  During my
stay there as well as my further research and academic work I wish to
remain under Your academic advising.

If possible, I would like you to confirm the acceptance of academic
advising via e-mail to the account at Wyzsza Szkola Menedzerska (menager
high school), where I occupy the position of a manager of Zaklad Jezyków
Obcych (Institute of Foreign Languages). E-mail: szastak at um.lubin.pl

Sincerely yours,
Waldemar Szastak
(follow-up message)

Thank you for your message and your help. I would like, you send my message
on anyone from the American Dialect Society, who can be interested to consult
my work - research regularly while I am staying in the united states (once or
twice at year)

I am interested for dialect, jargons, language contact, foreign languages,
ethnic minorities and american english.

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