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Jon Lovitz played Tonto, Kevin Nealon played Tarzan, and Phil Hartman
was Frankenstein's monster--although he was called simply, in the 50s
fashion, Frankenstein.  The sketches were hilarious, but as Lynne
pointed out, they have little to do with "my bad."

"M. Lynne Murphy" wrote:

> Some instances of "x bad"  "y good" were inspired by Saturday Night
> Live sketches a while back (and now on several times a day on Comedy
> Central) that involved Tonto, Frankenstein('s monster), and some other
> linguistically challenged character played by Jon Lovitz.
> Frankenstein (played by Phil Hartman) had a language ability limited
> to "x baaad"  "y goooood"  (e.g., "fire baaaad"  "bread goooood").
> Some of my fellow under-40-somethings and I have been known to imitate
> this (e.g., "committee baaaad"  "wine goooood").  I'm not sure whether
> the SNL sketch was in turn inspired by something else (to my memory,
> the monster in Young Frankenstein enunciated nothing).
> All this is completely unrelated to "my bad."


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