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Sat Sep 4 22:25:26 UTC 1999

M. Lynne Murphy writes:
Some instances of "x bad"  "y good" were inspired by Saturday Night Live
sketches.  ...  I'm not sure whether the SNL sketch was in turn inspired by
something else (to my memory, the monster in Young Frankenstein enunciated

But close.  In another Mel Brooks movie, Blazing Saddles, Alex Karras and
Gene Wilder have an exchange something like, "Mongo bad." "No, Mongo good,
sheriff bad."

FWIW, the monster in Young Frankenstein does have one speech other than
"hhhnnnnn" near the end of the movie when he lauds Frankenstein and
explains what he received from him in the brain exchange.  The speech ends,
approximately, "...and a somewhat more felicitous manner of speaking."

Ah, sweet mystery of life.

But back on topic.  I received "my bad" twice in one day last month.  Once
(via e-mail) from a 30-something white female project manager in NC.  Once
from a teen-aged white female counter clerk in MN.

It might be worth noting, in support of basketball as the origin of the
use, that it is customary (or even required) in organized BB that players
acknowledge fouls they commit.

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