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In the early 1970s, J(oseph) P(riestly) McCarthy, of WJR-AM (760) radio
in Detroit, began occasionally playing a tape recording of an announcer
(non-U.S.) who announced soccer goals with a drawn-out pronunciation of
goal.  McCarthy was impressed with the passion with which the announcer
noted that a goal had been scored.  May have been the Argentinean
announcer mentioned in Barry's post.

Selection #2 (goal for Argentina), at the following site, gives a sense
of the extended goal statement.  The author of the RealPlayer selection
is Marcelo Araujo, and the date is 1994.

The passion of the voice of Muñoz is presented in selection #10 (but not
Goooaaal), at the above site.

Information about Andres Cantor, mentioning his "unique yell of
Gooooaaal" is presented at:

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