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>From the Excite news :
Ben & Jerry's Rallies S'Mores Lovers Nationwide to Help Put S'Mores in the
Updated 9:03 AM ET September 1, 1999
   Ben & Jerry's and Merriam-Webster Team Up to Donate Dictionaries to
Literacy Volunteers of America
   BURLINGTON, Vt. (BUSINESS WIRE) - To launch Ben & Jerry's new S'Mores ice
cream bar, Ben & Jerry's asked S'Mores lovers around the world to gather
citations of the word S'Mores, or sign an online petition so that
Merriam-Webster would consider including S'Mores in its next edition. As a
result, Ben & Jerry's and Merriam-Webster joined forces to aid the fight
against illiteracy and donated Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Basic English,
to every Literacy Volunteers of America affiliate in the country.
   "S'Mores is a best selling Ben & Jerry's flavor - but we couldn't believe
that the word wasn't in the dictionary," said Michael Sands, Chief Marketing
Officer at Ben & Jerry's. "So we decided to rally S'Mores lovers and support
the LVA's efforts against illiteracy by gathering citations and signatures in
hope that Merriam-Webster will consider putting S'Mores in the dictionary."
   To date, more than 6,000 people have rallied and sent in S'Mores citations
and signatures supporting the inclusion of "S'Mores" in the dictionary.
Merriam-Webster is currently reviewing the citations for possible inclusion
in its next edition.
   "Dictionaries don't make up new words - people do," said John Morse,
President and Publisher of Merriam-Webster Inc. "This joint venture with Ben
& Jerry's to help support Literacy Volunteers of America, has given us an
unique opportunity to promote and celebrate the love of language."
. . .

[Just think - what if every word in your dictionary could have a commercial
sponsor? - Allan Metcalf]

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