I Scream / Ice Cream

A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Tue Sep 7 00:23:41 UTC 1999

Differences between "I scream" and "ice cream" :

The /ai/ sound is slightly longer in "I scream".
The /sk/ is more explosive in "I scream".
There is more emphasis on the second syllable in "I scream".

I think the /k/ moves forward with the /s/ for "I scream", whereas it moves back
with the /r/ in "ice cream".

But the difference is very subtle.

Regionality probably doesn't enter into it for me - my accent/dialect is from
all over the place.

Andrea Vine
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avine at eng.sun.com
I always wanted to be an architect. }sigh{  Of course, I _am_ an architect.

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