Dialect Reduction

A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Tue Sep 7 18:23:15 UTC 1999

Grant Barrett wrote:
> From http://www.bergen.com:80/biz/speech06199909062.htm
> "Just because I'm from Louisville people assume I probably
> married my cousin and that I know how to make moonshine liquor."
> --  Dennis R. Preston, linguistics professor at Michigan State
> University and the vice president of the American Dialect Society

Yep, jes cuz ahm furm Texsis, people thank ah rad a hurse, own a ra-anch, an
work in thuh erl bizness.  Uh course, ah do know how ta rad a hurse, mah fokes
own a ra-anch, an ah have worked in thuh erl bizness...

(who owns a cowboy [kicker] hat, boots, belt, and shirt)

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