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     "Canyoning" is still offered in Switzerland.  There are other adventure sports--bungy jumping, canyon jump, flying fox, horse-running ("Try the newest adrenaline rush.  Run, jump or crawl face first down a 120 feet (sic) vertical wall"), paragliding, sky diving, river rafting, bridge jumping, climbing, abseiling, delta hang gliding, fun yak, heli-skiing, horseback trekkinghydrospeed, ice climbing, glacier walking, and snow shoe hiking.
     "Zorbing" is described as "The No. 1 adrenalin kick in town!  waohh!!"  It started in New Zealand.  A check of usenet shows that it made a recent edition of Sports Illustrated.  See www.zorb.com for the entire story.


     One place sold a "tomazzo," which is a sandwich of tomato and mozzarella.  I've seen it before.  Is it on Nexis, ATNW, Barnhart?
    One kid's meal consisted of "jungle chicken."  Chickens are raised in the jungle??


   Sign in an Interlaken store:
Last Sex-Shop Before Jungfrau.

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