Swiss food (continued)

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Thu Sep 9 19:15:00 UTC 1999

    A company called LUFRUTTA also sells "Ice Tea."  The Pierrot Lusso ice cream company (a "heart" is on the package--I think it's Solero in other countries) has an ice cream flavor called "Ice Cafe."
   Many restaurants have "fitness plates" or "fitness platters."  One included:  "Colourful seasonal leaf salad with sauteed strips of chicken breast, crisp lean bacon, cottage cheese and tomatoes.  Plus fresh slices of melon. French or Italian dressing."
   Club sandwiches are very popular.  One menu in Luzern offered "Original Club Sandwich."  I don't know how that's possible--the original must be moldy by now.
   "Dinosaur steak" (beef) was offered by one restaurant.  Maybe they saw too much FLINTSTONES.

PHOTOGRAPHER:  Say cheese!
AMERICAN TOUR GROUP IN SWITZERLAND (after several meals):  Nooooooooooooo!

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