Sounds of Chaucer's English

Grant Barrett gbarrett at AMERICANDIALECT.ORG
Sat Sep 11 00:59:51 UTC 1999

>>Does anyone know where one might obtain a copy of the album
set The Sounds of
>>Chaucer's English by the NCTE?  I have written to the
organization, and the
>>one who replied said that she had never heard of it!
>It was published in 1967 and is probably long out of print.

Are  you looking for a live reading of Chaucer's English? One of
the mandatory classes at Columbia is what they call Brit Lit,
and the first thing we've started with is a tape of an American
reading what is purported to be Chaucer's English. I say "purported"
because to me, it sounded like a Yank trying to speak Swedish,
of which I am and have.

If this is similar to what you're after, lemme know and I'll
find out where our instructor got the tape.

Grant Barrett
gbarrett at

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