Tom Kysilko pds at VISI.COM
Mon Sep 13 14:43:35 UTC 1999

I beleive the word you are looking for is "generification".  There was some
discussion of it on ADS-L a while back, so it should be in the archives.

And if I can also have a twofer, would you please send me subscription

-Tom Kysilko
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At 09:26 AM 9/13/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>I read "smober," meaning "not smoking" in a newsgroup today. Obviously a
>parallel from "sober," but has anyone else heard or read this?
>Also, (if I can do an ADS twofer here) I have a subscriber who wants to
>know if there is a specific term for verbing a trademark, as in "Go Xerox
>that letter." I think some lawyers call it trademark infringement, but
>they hardly ever win. :-)
>Erin McKean
>editor at

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