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On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Pafra & Scott Catledge wrote:

> I would love to go to Saint Moritz to see if I could find a book on names
> and naming practices in Romansh.  It's the only Romance language for which I
> have no good sources for names.
You needn't go to St. Moritz (San Murezzan), but it's still worth the
trip. The standard dictionaries of Ladin, the dialect of Romansh spoken in
the Upper and Lower Engadin, are:
Oscar Peer, Dicziunari rumantsch ladin -- tudais-ch (Cuera: Lia
Rumantscha, 1962) [pp. 573-583: "noms locals e noms propris"]
Reto Bezzola and Rudolf Toenjachen, Dicziunari tudais-ch -- rumantsch
ladin (same publisher, 1944). [names: pp. 1141-1155]

Also check the Raetisches Namenbuch, vol. 3 (1986, by Konrad Huber):

More Romansh stuff available if you like. It's a fabulous tongue.

Peter Richardson

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