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Fri Sep 17 21:15:47 UTC 1999

Peter Richardson <prichard at LINFIELD.EDU> writes:

When I was in St. Moritz last summer, I read a magazine article about
their newest sport. (Thanks to Hanspeter Danuser, their sport-omnivore
Director of Tourism, this is a town that must have more kinds of sports
going on at any given time of the year than any other place on earth.) One
wears in-line skates with 3 enormous wheels and careens along, holding the
reins of a galloping horse. They've long had horse racing on ice in St.M.,
and skiing behind the beasts, but this takes the cake. I'll try to find
the word for this, since Barry will need it in order to ask where to sign
up as the ADS's designated horse-blader. (That beats horse-bladder any
day, I guess.)

"Horse-blader" sounds vicious.

There would seem to be a serious risk of encountering, hm, obstacles that appear
suddenly behind the horse... and not necessarily at ground level.

-- Mark

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