Help wanted on Spanish "border" dialects

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One dialect that I had read about and had the luck to actually encounter is
Pochismo a/k/a Ponchismo/Conchismo.  The reference that I had stated that in
El Paso it had become a true creole language, unintelligible to either of
its roots (English/Spanish).  My landlady in East Texas asked me to help her
with her gardener whose English was very hard to understand and who
understood very little English.  His English turned out to be better than
his Spanish.  I had learned a few expressions in Pochismo (long since
forgotten), which delighted him; however, we had to return to English.
Interestingly enough, David Crystal in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of
Language states that Pochismo is an English-Spanish contact language spoken
in AZ and Southern CA.  His source is a chapter by Ian F. Hancock's 1971
article, A survey of the pidgins and creoles of the world in D.F. Hymes
(Ed.). Pidginization and creolization of languages. Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press, pp. 509--523.
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> This was forwarded from the Linguistic Society of America. If you can
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> it's of general interest. Thanks - Allan Metcalf
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> >Dear Sir/Madame:
> >I am finishing my ESL endorsement here in Oregon and am writing a paper
> >Spanish dialects, also known as "border dialects".  I am hoping someone
> >your organization can point me in the right direction for a published
> >article, book or other reference material that may be of help to me.
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