Chinese auction

Mike Calvert mcalvert at ENTERPE.COM
Mon Sep 20 19:43:00 UTC 1999

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking (i.e., that phrases using "Chinese [noun]" are
"usu. considered offensive." But the phrase is very common in listings in our
paper, far too common to be used so much if it were considered offensive. Of
course, this may be plain ignorance; Asians aren't exactly numerous around

But thanx for the info — now I know where _not_ to look. MC

Gregory {Greg} Downing wrote:

> This is an interesting coincidence. Just last Friday I happened to notice an
> ad for a "Chinese auction" being held by an A.M.E. church in Staten Island,
> NY. I tried OED2, DARE, and RHHDAS under "Chinese auction" and came up with
> nothing. RHHDAS labels practically every phrase consisting of "Chinese
> [noun]" as "usu. considered offensive." So I was a little leery to ask.
> Greg Downing/NYU, at greg.downing at or gd2 at

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