Bloody Mary (continued)

Alexey I. Fuchs c0654038 at TECHST02.TECHNION.AC.IL
Thu Sep 23 13:21:03 UTC 1999

It may well happen that two people invent the same cocktail independently
of each other. The "Bloody Mary" is not that complicated. The only
confusion is with the name, but it's also not that original.

At least, such things happen in math, in much more complicated cases.

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999 Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:

> "A '21' bartender created the Bloody Mary cocktail."
> --back flap of the book "21" EVERY DAY WAS NEW YEAR'S EVE (1999) by H. Peter
> Kreindler with H. Paul Jeffers.
>      The Tamony papers are in.  The above statement is false.
>      It's difficult to believe why the "21" Club owner would make this false
> assertion.  He should have known the truth.  The reputation of his
> establishment is hardly dependent on whether or not it invented the Bloody
> Mary.  Why make a false claim?
>      SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, 8 January 1975, pg. 44, col. 1:
> _Inventor of_
> _The Bloody_
> _Mary Dies_
>      Fernand Petiot, the former Paris bartender credited with inventing the
> tomato juice and vodka cocktail known as the Bloody Mary, has died at the age
> of 74.
>      Petiot was said to have been experimenting with vodka after having been
> introduced to it in Paris in 1920.
>      He settled on a mix of half vodka and half tomato juice and introduced
> the drink where he worked, Harry's New York Bar, which was frequented by
> American newspaper corrrespondents and bankers.  An American entertainer, Roy
> Barton, provided the name, saying it reminded him of a Chicago Club, the
> Bucket of Blood.
>      In 1934, the drink which didn't do well in Paris, caught on in New York.
>  Petiot, then bartending for Hotel St. Regis, revived it as the Red Snapper
> because the hotel felt the original name was too vulgar.
>      Other bars, however, preferred the original title, and its use continued
> as the drink's popularity spread.  The revived drink's mix was changed to
> include Worcester sauce and black and cayenne pepper.
>      Petiot died Monday at a local hospital.

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