Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM
Thu Sep 23 18:15:34 UTC 1999

dInIs challenges me thus:

Ugh? Some language practices make you go ugh? I'll be damned! Could be them
poor ole ignernt sombitches make you go ugh, huh?

You betcher bippy, brother. I'm half linguist, half stylist. I report 'em as I
see 'em, but I correct 'em when I want to.

Now, I ain't talkin' about accents or di'lects, by an' large. But when people is
takin' words of another language an' screwin' 'em up to make 'emselves look
fancy... I shudder. Outta common politeness I try ta keep my shudderin' to
myself, or just express it amongst folks I *THOUGHT* might feel summat similar:
not ta the folks whose usage I'm shudderin' AT.

 his   X   mark

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