like + past participle

No Name Available P2052 at AOL.COM
Fri Sep 24 23:25:04 UTC 1999

I hear the "like + past participle" quite often in Southcentral Alabama.  In
fact, I've heard it for the past few years.  I've always considered it an
extension of , or even a substitute for,  the hesitation sound, "uh/"  There
is usually  a slight pause between "like" and the past participle.
Sometimes, the hesitation sound, "uh,"even follows the pattern, allowing the
speaker even more "think" or "floor" time.  In essence, I 'think it's a
coherence (linking) device,  giving the speaker time to think of an
appropriate past participle and, simultaneously, bridging the gap so that the
speaker will not forfeit his or her "turn" to speak or lose the listener's

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