Wyoming's "Windy City" and "Shwipt!"

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sat Sep 25 13:15:52 UTC 1999

     AOL News has a new article by the Associated Press:  "Arlington, Wyo.,
Is Real Windy City."
     The article begins:  "Chicago has a lot of nerve calling itself the
Windy City when there are places like Arlington on the map."  Actually, OTHER
cities began calling Chicago "the Windy City"--the 1886 Chicago Tribune
didn't like the term.  If I were to lecture on "the Windy City" this December
at the American Name Society meeting this December (but I'll never go to the
city again), you'd find out various "cyclone" terms that were used in early
1886, such as the "cyclone cellar" (DA 1887).
     The article continues:  "Wind just blew them over and tipped them over,
on that ice--shwipt!--into the ditch."  Is "shwipt" an established word, like
WAYNE WORLD and "schwing!"?

     I guess $2,000 and contest winnings aren't enough to get someone to draw
an apple on a piece of paper (TKTS. contest at www.vanalen.com).  What do
people want?  Full tuition?  A new car?  I still can't believe I waited four
months of my life for my own college to reject me--just five days before the
TKTS. contest closes.

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