Bruce Dykes bkd at GRAPHNET.COM
Tue Sep 28 08:44:24 UTC 1999

>From an old (1995) Hotwired interview
tml> with Neal Stephenson:

jerad asks: Since your short story 'HACK THE SPEW' showed up in WIRED I've
noticed a number of references in the press to major media (especially cable
TV) as the spew. Did I miss the earlier references, or did you coin this new
'SPEW' phenomenon?

This kind of thing is always hard to nail down. I thought I coined 'avatar'
until I found out that the developers of Habitat had coined the same word
for the same meaning a few years earlier. So someone might have been using
Spew before I did. But as far as I know, I coined it.

But that was four years ago. Spew doesn't appear to have seen any
significant usage since...


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