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><<I bet that fricativization  overrides position in this
>case, perceptually>>
>The difference between the voiced velar stop  [g] (what most people call the
>"hard G") and the voiced velar fricative is ONLY one distinctive feature, and
>not a very noticeable one at that for speakers of English when it is in the
>middle of the word (e.g., the word AGAIN pronounced with a voiced velar
>fricative doesn't even sound very foreign--it ev en happens from time to
>However, the difference between [g] and the "soft G" (the voiced alveopalatal
>africate) is BOTH postional AND mannerial. People think of the voiced
>alveopalatal africate AS "the soft G."
>In class, try saying AGAIN with the velar fricative. Then try saying AGAIN
>with the voiced alveopalatal africate. Which one will people notice?

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