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>    The latest issue of the Village Voice ( is its best
>of Manhattan issue...
>    Pg. 91--_Tabla_...  For a taste jolt, try the Ginger Citrus Snap, made
>with Stoli Orange and ginger liqueur.  Or for something a bit more subtle,
>the unrivaled front-runner is the Tablatini, an enticing blend of Absolut
>Citron and fresh pineapple juice infused with lemon-grass, served straight up
>with a garnish of fresh pineapple.

This showed up in an article in the NYTimes, Dining In/Out
column in  January as an instance of what the writer called the Un-Martini.
Note the "correct" spelling of Oranj.  I've been meaning to get down to
Tabla ever since.


                               The New York Times

               January 20, 1999, Wednesday, Late Edition - Final

SECTION: Section F; Page 1; Column 1; Dining In, Dining Out/Style Desk

HEADLINE: The Aperitif Moment: Sip or Flinch


   FIRST impressions last longest. The downbeat of the conductor's baton, the
first step in a tango, the opening words in a flirtation -- these initial moves
can make or break. So, why is the aperitif, the traditional mood-setter for the
perfect meal, so poorly understood, especially now, when restaurants all over
town seem to be bending over backward to create distinctive pre-meal drinks?
   For sheer audacity, however, Tabla takes the cake. The customer who orders a
Ginger Citrus Snap gets a mixture of Stoly Oranj and ginger liqueur that
occupies two-thirds of a curved martini glass. A waiter then tops up the glass
with Billecart-Salmon Champagne and deposits a small pile of pomegranate seeds
in the drink. As the bubbles collect around the seeds, the seeds begin to rise.
The bubbles fall away, and the seeds fall. Whee! This alcoholic lava lamp has
found an audience. One woman, filling out a comment card, wrote, "It makes me
feel like running naked down Madison Avenue and setting my hair on fire."
a good start to any evening.
GRAPHIC: Photos:  UNMARTINI  -- A Ginger Citrus Snap, with pomegranate
seeds, at Tabla. (Boyd Hagen for The New York Times)(pg. F1);
SWEET AND SOUR -- The Juniperotivo at Monzu is made with a herbaceous gin,
lime juice, mint and pomegranate syrup. (Boyd Hagen for The New York
SO RICH, SO SUAVE -- A Kir Royale 38, served at La Caravelle, blends
Champagne, Cognac and Grand Marnier. It is garnished with a slice of
orange. (pg. F6)
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