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Wed Sep 29 17:48:37 UTC 1999

Please reply directly to the inquirer if you have an internship or an idea
for her. If it might be of interest to us, post it on ADS-L too. Thanks -
Allan Metcalf
        My name is Tori Miner.  I am a sophomore at Dartmouth college right
now and I am planning on majoring in linguistics and anthropology.  We follow
trimesters at Dartmouth, and I am taking off either my winter or spring term
of this year because I am required to be on campus during the summer.  I am
interested in finding an academic project or intern to occupy my off-term
this year.  I was wondering if you know of any internships or research
opportunities that ADS offers to college students.
    I am especially interested in the fascinating link between language and
culture. The courses I have taken have given me a solid foundation in both
linguistics and anthroplogy.  For example, I have created a portfolio on the
Abenaki language of northern New England and Canada.  For a Native American
language course I intensively studied the  grammar of the language as well as
the culture of the ancient people, and was truly fascinated by both aspects
of the tribal nation.
    In addition, I am greatly interested in the dynamics of the myriad
dialects that our own English languages is composed of.  I really am not well
informed of what ADS does; however, I am greatly interested in hearing of the
types of research projects it is involved in.  Please send me some
information on the work of ADS in addition to any opportunites there may be
for me to join in on the important studies that are underway.
    My mailing address is as follows:
        Tori Miner  <Tori.A.Miner at Dartmouth.EDU>
        Hinman Box 2094
        Dartmouth College
        Hanover, NH 03755

I am also available through E-mail if you would like to notify me of any
information or ideas that you have.

Thanks so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

(Additional message:)

        . . . It would be
great if you could post my request. As far as any restrictions, I really do
have any.  I am very willing to travel and pay for all expenses concerning
housing, transportation..etc.  In addition, there are many ways through which
could obtain funds if I need them for these reasons.  I am very open to varied
types of work and research, so I am greatly interested in keeping updated
through the ADS website.  Thanks again for your time and help.

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