Indian summer

Alexey I. Fuchs c0654038 at TECHST02.TECHNION.AC.IL
Thu Sep 30 13:44:52 UTC 1999

Then the meaning has been almost completely reverted!
Strange are the ways of the language. Where have you heard the expression
acquiring the described meaning?
(Still, the intriguing question is what is the origin of the phrase)


On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Natalie Maynor wrote:

> I don't know the origin of the term, but I've noticed lately what
> seems to be a change underway in its usage.  I've always assumed that
> it meant a brief return of summer-like weather in the fall, after having
> had cooler weather.  Lately, however, I've heard it used to refer to
> the first cool days in fall.
>    --Natalie Maynor (maynor at

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