Indian summer

Natalie Maynor maynor at RA.MSSTATE.EDU
Thu Sep 30 18:26:44 UTC 1999

> An ex-student of mine--New York State born and bred--got a teaching job in
> North Carolina. In a discussion with her students, they told her that all
> Northerners smell like "wet sheep." are any of view familiar with this term
> being applied to people--Northerners in particular--and if so, can you tell
> me anything about its derivation or how it came into being?

I've never heard that one, but it sounds similar to the old "whites
smell like wet dogs."  When I asked some African American friends
whether it's true that whites smell like wet dogs, they laughed and
said "sometimes."  But they promised me that I've never smelled like
a wet dog in their presence.
   --Natalie Maynor (maynor at

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