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Bernie Kane wrote:

>Can't comment on the etymology/usage of the start of this thread, but
>remember that a long number of years ago there was a pop song with the
>taunting refrain
>Can't for the life of me recall the context nor the musical group, but it's
>obvious that it did represent imitating the mockery of little kids. Is this
>Bernie Kane

Greg Downing's citation of the strange history of this song exactly
parallels a report I heard on NPR's "All things considered" sometime in
the last couple of weeks.  It did pretty well for a song that was
supposed to be forgotten as the B side of what was intended to be a big
hit on the A side of the record. Naturally, the A side sank without a

Now excuse me for a Chicago question: in all this talk of that
nananana/hey-hey /goodbye song, how come nobody has mentioned that it's
the unofficial song of Chicago White Sox fans?  They love to sing it
when a Sox player hits a homer.

Not that I would care.  I've been a died in the wool Chicago Cubs fan
ever since the days, back in the 30s, when we lived in the same
neighborhood as Gabby Hartnett. He even gave neighborhood kids passes to
Wrigley Field.

The neat thing about being a Cubs fan is you never have to worry about
how much you'll have to pay for tickets to watch the Cubs in the World

The last time the Cubs made it to the Series, I saw two of the games at
Wrigley Field.  In their usual heroic fashion, the Cubs lost to
Detroit,  but it took seven games. Now who on this list is old enough to
remember firsthand what year that was? (No fair saying you know because
you memorized old record books!)

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