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WUSS (continued)

    "Wuss"/"Wussy" is not in Peter Tamony's word list.  That's not to say
Robert Chapman's "1960s" dating is incorrect, but it probably means that a
dating around 1975-1980 is more likely.

CLOTHES HORSE (continued)

NOTES & QUERIES, 17 December 1859, pg. 483.
_Maiden, a clothes' horse_.  Thus called in the neighbourhood of Tavistock.
Is the word peculiar to Devon, or is it used in other counties?

NOTES & QUERIES, 21 January 1860, pg. 51.
_Maiden_.  I have often heard a most dearly-loved deceased friend, born in
Lancashire, use the word _maiden_ in the sense of clothes'-horse: in the same
county the word winter-hedge, given by Halliwell, is used in the same meaning.

   A check of my copy of DICTIONARY OF ARCHAIC WORDS by James Orchard
Halliwell (first published in 1850) shows "WINTER-HEDGE.  A clothes-horse."

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