PLAYBOY drinks (part two)

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    "American Beauty" (now the name of a film that may win the Oscar) was the
first drink in Playboy, in the second issue, January 1954, pg. 34.  The
drawing of a naked woman drinking from a champagne glass was by James
Montgomery Flagg (the "Uncle Sam Wants You!" illustrator).  "American Beauty"
contains brandy, vermouth, grenadine, and orange juice.  The recipe was taken
from the book BOTTOMS UP by Ted Saucier.
    "Sex on the Beach" makes its first Playboy appearance in August 1989.
The recipe given is from Slim's of San Francisco.

February 1985, "Power Snifters," pg. 148--Andalusia, Apple Sting, Brandy
Lift, C & C, Cafe Bourbon, Digestif, Double Bourbon, Dry Juelp, Durango,
French Mandarin, Helene, Irish Smile, Martinique, Midnight Brew, Minted Pear,
Mousquetaire, Raspberry Smack, Rumball, Scotch Stone, The Golden Max.
March 1985, pg. 188--Au Revoir.
April 1985, pg. 92--Adam's Apple, Cape Codder, Diamond Head, Grapeshot,
Greyhound, Mandarin, Redhead, Yellow Fever, Hawaiian Gold, Minted Cooler,
Sunrise Rickey, Moonglow, Catamaran, Berry Frost, Nantucket, Screwdriver,
Screwy Sam, Parasol, Double Lime, Vodka Daisy, Valhalla, Vodka Sling, Goldie,
Quencher, Bloodhound, Moscow Mule, Irish Mule, Bullshot, Dog's Nose, Bloody
Bull, Black Russian, White Russian, Pola Bear, Blue Lagoon, Don Giovanni,
Chop Nut, Mudslide, Calgary Red, Sea Breeze, Roxanne's Heat Wave, Boston
Bracer, Vodka Bellini, Colorado Bulldog, Alexis, Coco Shake, Green Cow,
Jungle Jim, New Yorker, Snow Snake, Vodka Silk, (pg. 194) The Ultimate Bloody
Mary, Brawny Broth, T-Bar, Slalom, Blackberry Toddy, Banana Cow, Ski Slope.
September 1985, pg. 184--Pomegranate Sangria, Mango Coooler, Yogaberry, Black
Cherry Sour, Double Passion, Papaya Colada, Green Goddess, Guava Wine Chill,
October 1985, "Shooters!," pg. 200--After Eight, Banana Sandwich, Bazooka
Joe, Black Jelly Bean, Cherry Bomb, Happy Jack, August Moon, Landslide,
Nutcracker, Orgasm, Test-Tube Baby, Watergate.
January 1986, "Cold Schnapps," pg. 232--Cold Shot, Sour Apple, Watermelon,
(pg. 234) Peachy Kir, Purple Rain, Apple Strudel, Colonel Peachtree, Brain
Drain, Schnapps Ball, Affair, Schnappsicle, Peppermint Candy, Firehouse Punch.
February 1986, "Winter Whiskeys," pg. 150--Irish Jig, Scotch Fling, Bourbon
Stomp, Irish Handshake, Highland Mist, Brown Belt, Klondike Road, The O'Hara,
May 1986, pg. 167--Harry's Original Bloody Mary, Brennan's Spicy Creole
Bloody Mary, Washington Square Bar & Grill Bloody Mary, Bloody Martini,
Michael's Bloody Mary, American Festival Cafe's Bloody Mary, "21" Club
Supermary, (pg. 168) Bartender's Bloody Mary, Bermuda Mary, Soft Landing,
Ritzy Mary, Bianco Bloody Mary.
July 1986, "Coolers," pg. 164--The Cooler Purple, Tropicooler, Vermouth
Cooler, Raj Cooler, Cool Driver, Cooler Sangria, Peachy Cooler, Canadian
October 1986, "Best of the House," pg. 172--Martini Royale, The Four Seasons
Old Fashioned, (pg. 173) The Burning Bush, The Stanford Court Apricot Sour,
Market Sour, Ritz Cocktail, The Beverly Wilshire Banango, Trader Vic's
Florida Daiquiri, Ritz Fizz, Hard Rock Special, Le Ruth's Barracuda.
January 1988, pg. 171--Bellini, White Sangria, Pepper Vodka Martinis.
July 1988, pg. 156--The Liberty Cocktail, Mint Julep, (pg. 158) The South
Sun, The Portisco, The President.
February 1989, pg. 116--Flamed Bananas, Kir Royale, Bloody Marias, Mimosas.
March 1989, pg. 142--My Martini, Classic Martini, The James Bond Martini,
Cajun Martini.
August 1989, pg. 148--Absolut Wreck, Bermuda Triangle, Rosa's Pomegranate
Margarita, (pg. 149) Sex on the Beach, Snowshoe, Blue Mary, Crocodile
Blendee, Cuervo Crandaddy, Grand Slam, Hairy Navel, Kamiake Royale, Prickly
Cactus Margarita.

    I'll go through more 1950s and 1960s next.  Thanks for George Thompson's
note, but doesn't NYU know that I like breasts in color?

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