A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Mon Feb 7 18:13:21 UTC 2000

Laurence Horn wrote:
> (2)  In the same section of the Times, on B1, there was a full column
> "@ Wits' End And in a Mood To Taunt" by John Tierney devoted to neologisms
> suggested by his readers for insulting "dot-com louts".  Acknowledging that
> some nominees are unprintable, Tierney lists technotrash, e-coli, World
> Wide Weasels, e-rrivistes, RAMbos, snot-com, netwits, e-jerks, I.P.Oafs,
> cyboor (my favorite), and--while not listing them directly in the family
> newspaper he writes for--he refers readers to the site
> where one comes across the winning submissions in two versions,
> e-hole and @hole (with definitions provided).  I was also fond of
> "dot-commoner" ('a former I.P.Oaf impoverished by a decline in the stock
> market')

In the San Jose Mercury News'(a.k.a. the Murky News) awful new Sunday magazine,
"SV",  there was a quote from someone who has claimed to have made up a related
word.  He needed a word to describe a dot-com concern which arrives with a big
splash and is gone within a year.  He calls them "dotcomikazis".  Of course, one
might amend that to "dotcomikhazis"  considering what comes after the splash.

Not sure if this term has been used by someone else, though it seems inevitable.

Andrea  (but I personally claim the "dotcomikhazi" coinage :-)

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