Death merchant

Joseph Carson samizdata at EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Feb 7 23:10:18 UTC 2000

Hello Beth and ADS-Listers,

I read a book a long time ago (late '70s, I believe; maybe early '80s,) entitled
"Merchants Of Death" by the British journalist, economist and polymath Anthony
Sampson, discussing the worldwide state of the art and science in international
arms development, marketing and politics.  I wish I could recall its copyright
or intial imprinting dates, but I do know the copy I had was used by the time it
came into my hands, and that its title was drawn from some quotation in the
book's introduction, whose origin was dramatic or literary.  The discussion re:
remembering Kennedy's or Roosevelt's deaths have a chilling effect on this
account, but to the best of my recollection ... Regards, Joseph Carson

"Simon,Beth" wrote:

> Isn't a Death Merchant an international arms dealer?
> beth simon
> assistant professor, linguistics and english
> indiana university purdue university

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