"product" as non-manufactured

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Although I am only surmising, what I intended as "product" from a legal
context was when it is used in agreements (contracts) and is used in a
less-than-concrete manner. Something like a clause stating, "The
Subcontractor shall deliver the below-mentioned products..." In this sense,
it's like a deliverable.

The Sixth ed. of Black's says of product:

With reference to property...Goods produced...Something produced by physical
labor or intellectual effort or something produced naturally or as result of
natural process as by generation of growth.

Benjamin Barrett
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-Roly Sussex asked:
-> Does anyone have a date, place or other source for when "product"
-> grew out of its "manufactured physical object" meaning and started
-> to be used for financial plans, share portfolio strategies,
-> mortgages, health plans and so on? It sounds like management/
-> sales-speak.

-Benjamin Barrett answered:
-> Although I agree it sounds like business-speak, I would think this comes
-> from law not sales. Black's includes a reference but it isn't dated.
-That would really surprise me.  When I was practicing law in the
-mid-eighties I encountered the term (in the sense Roly is asking about)
-only in corporate business plans and the like:  "We will grow domestic
-revenues by rolling out a new reverse debenture product and grow the
-foreign subsidiary through strategic targeting of the Cayman Islands option
-straddle product."

-The latest Black's (7th ed.) is in accord, defining "product" as follows:
-       Something that is distributed commercially for use
-       or consumption and that is usu. (1) tangible personal
-       property, (2) the result of fabrication or processing,
-       and (3) an item that has passed through a chain of
-       commercial distribution before ultimate use or consumption.
-If a previous Black's said something else, Garner must have taken it out.
-James E. Clapp

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