Audrey Munson (off-topic plagiarism, continued)

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Wed Feb 9 06:37:09 UTC 2000

"If you're raped, that means somebody loves you."

   "Hey," said a co-worker.  "At least it means that someone likes your work."
   Gerald Cohen plans to run a short piece about the plagiarism of my work in the next COMMENTS ON ETYMOLOGY.  There have been a number of articles about Audrey Munson in the upstate newspapers recently (see Dow Jones database).  This is from a long article in the SYRACUSE POST-STANDARD, 3 February 2000, pg. 3:

   Throughout the month of March, Audrey Munson, long forotten but forever preserved in scores of monuments that decorate the city, will be honored by the city of New York.  The city's parks department, along with the authors of the new book, will sponsor an exhibition with her photos and memorabilia in the Arsenal Gallery in Central Park.  The city selected Munson as its honoree for National Women's History Month.

   I wasn't invited.  I wasn't even told.
   Not only did I give my stuff to the book's authors for free, but three years ago I had also given my work to the Parks Department for free.  We had correspondence.  Maybe they think I'm dead!  Well, no, my parents are both dead!  And that's how these "authors" got the opportunity to "write" the book!
  Recently, I suggested an Audrey Munson postage stamp based on their work, which is my work.
  The New York Times still isn't interested in correcting its past stories and its book review.  When I went on my bus trip to the Library of Congress, I passed through the Port Authority, which has a huge ad for the New York Times Book Review with the slogan: "Expect the World."
  It seems like I've been crying my whole life.

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