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: > From the latest NEW YORK PRESS (, John O'Sullivan's
: > column, pg. 1, col. 8:

: > Although the threat of "Austracism" failed in its main aim...

: > Austracism.  Austria + racism.
: > I like it.  However, a Dow Jones check shows no other hits.  It's
: > new. If you like it, pass it on.

: Is it actually intended as "Austria + racism" (referring to Joerg
: Haider's tendencies) and pronounced accordingly, or is it a pun on
: "ostracism," referring to other countries' treatment of Austria
: after Haider's party entered the government?  The quote doesn't
: provide enough context to tell.

The article itself indirectly defines "Austracism" as "the European Union's
attempt to prevent Jorg Haider's Freedom Party from entering the Austrian
government by threatening official ostracism", so it seems to be a pun on

Of course, i don't merge "cot" and "caught", so it's not a perfect pun to my

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