examples of "hair day"

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Thu Feb 10 16:06:39 UTC 2000

In a message dated 2/9/2000 1:54:53 PM, Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM writes:

<< Well, OK, but not exactly. We're not talking now about "hair day", but
"Adj hair day". "Hair day" in isolation is still meaningless to me, and you
haven't offered any examples of it. >>

Wrong, I did, some time ago, e.g. (again),

     What kind of a hair day are you having?
     I've never had a hair day like this one!
     Well, there are hair days and then there are hair days!
     The hair day that you complained about today will seem like heaven when
you develop male pattern baldness.

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