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   I'll probably go back to the Library of Congress on Monday.  I'll try to check "elephant ears" at the Indiana State Fair in the late 1960s early 1970s.  According to the INDIANAPOLIS STAR, 16 Aug. 1995 (Nexis), Art Carroll of Original Elephant Ears had been selling them at the fair "for more than 25 years."
   The pastry is variously known as: elephant ears/ elephant tracks/ knee patches/ Swiss nothings/ hocus-pocus crispies/ cinnamon crispies/ angel wings/ beaver tail/ langos (pronounced langosh)/ chrusciki (Polish pastry).
   If anyone has citations besides the DARE entry, please let me know.

BLOODY MARY (update)

   I'm still looking for the "Bloody Mary" in Walter Winchell's column (at the time of the Joe E. Lewis benefit at Chicago's Oriental Theater).
   The Chicago Historical Society won't help me at all.  The Friars Club (NY) has a Joe E. Lewis room, but no particular Joe E. Lewis knowledge.  I'm fairly sure the column is from January 1928.
   The NY Evening Graphic was not regarded as scholarly, so the NYPL did not especially collect it.  Winchell's Graphic columns are on a separate reel in the Performing Arts Library, but from March 1928.
   I checked all the books on Winchell, and I still don't know what Chicago newspaper he was syndicated in.  I went to the Library of Congress, and have ruled out the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Daily News, Chicago Herald-Examiner.  The Chicago American is a Hearst newspaper--Winchell probably wouldn't be there.
   I've inter-library loaned the Chicago Journal and the Chicago Evening Post for January 1928 and should know within a few weeks.
   Can OED3 wait?

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