Lovitz's hair-day

David Bowie db.list at BYU.EDU
Fri Feb 11 19:10:14 UTC 2000

From: "Greg Pulliam" <pulliam at IIT.EDU>

: On CNN, I just saw a yellow pages ad with John Lovitz, who comes on
: the screen and says, among other things, "I'm having a great
: hair-day, don't you think?"

Of course, i *still* see this as a formation that comes from "bad hair day",
rather than "bad hair day" coming from "hair day".

I may have missed it if it got mentioned earlier in this (interminable)
thread, but is there any evidence of "hair day" being used *before* "bad
hair day" (or perhaps "good hair day", if that came earlier)? If not, then
maybe the ability to use "hair day" by itself is the result of a change in
progress, with people like me not involved in the change.

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