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Sat Feb 12 05:30:10 UTC 2000

Does anyone know what current usage dictates about, "feel strong(ly)."  I
often hear people awkwardly attaching the -ly to this phrase when they
realize that ,"feel strong," describes physical power, rather than "strong
feelings."  However, according to rules I've internalized about the nature of
linking verbs, in the phrase, "feel strongly," the verb, "feel," is still
being used as a linking verb; thus, it should be followed by the adjective
"strong," rather than the adverb, "strongly," which accompanies action verbs.
  The same uncertainty can be found  with "bad/lly."  Can anyone enlighten me
about , or direct me to a reliable source that deals with,  these
(LINKING)                     I feel strong *(about it).    I feel bad about
(ACTION)                              I feel something under my pillow.
(?)                                        I feel strongly/badly about this
matter. (I have strong/
                               bad feelings about it.


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