Cloud nine; Take your seats

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     The RHHDAS has:

1935--cloud eight
1954--cloud seven
1956--cloud thirty-nine
1956--cloud seven
1957--cloud nine

     PLAYBOY, July 1957, pg. 35, Miss July/Playmate of the Month, features a
stewardess (now "flight attendant").  The title is: "CLOUD NINE, we find a
brown-eyed beauty in the wild blue yonder."


     This story really kicks ass!  From PLAYBOY, August 1957, pg. 59:

_there's a divinity that shapes our ends, nickname them how we will_

     Fanny (...) derriere (...) Discounting _derriere_ which is French,
_tochus_ which is Yiddish and _gluteus maximus_ which is Latin, how many are
there, really?  Nates is virtually obsolete.  Buttocks is, uh, clinical.
Much too clinical.  Would you prefer butt?
     She shook her head.
     She made a face.
     "Prat?  Backside?" (...)
     (col. 2--ed.)  "How about rump?" (...)
     "What about duff?" (...)
     "Aren't we forgetting behind?  And just plain hind?  And hinder and
     "And rear and rear-end?" chimed in Number Two.
     "And south-end?" (...)
     "Seat.  She says sitter, too."
     Number One mumbled.  "There's always bottom." (...)
     "Some people say cheeks," she said.
     "And some people," quickly added Number Two, "say buns."
     "_Buns_!  Never heard of it!  Back to your desks!  Fanny was good enough
for the author and it will jolly well be good enough for us!" (...)
     "Hindquarters?"  (...)
     (col. 3--ed.) "Hips?" asked the other one.
     "_That_," I shouted, "is a cowardly euphemism used only by nurses and
doctors with hypodermic needles in their hands!  Out!  Both of you, out!"
     That evening, at dinner, I stared glassily into my Martini and said
rather loudly, "Tail."  (...)
     "...tailbone..."  (...)
     "Posterior."  (...)
     "Arse," I said.  Then I said "Fundament." (....)
     "It's keester." (...)

     From PLAYBOY, letters, December 1957, pg. 8, col. 2:

     (Letter #3--ed.)  ...Russell bypassed perhaps only _bustle_ in his
thesauric research into synonyms and euphemisms for the "le-fess" (Fr.).
(...)  Three cheers for the cheeks, cake!
     (Letter #6--ed.)  In these parts, we say _hootenanny_.  Bill Chadwick,
Atlanta, Georgia.
     (Letter #7--ed.)  Russell forgot _rumble seat_.  Ida Swanson,
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
     (Letter #8--ed.)  ..._Landing gear_...  Capt. Henry Greenberg, USAF,
Denver, Colorado

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