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Well, yes, RP pronounces "Austria" with the vowel of "cot," but that is the
vowel of RP "cot," which, to most US ears, sounds like the vowel of
"caught," at least to those US ears which distinguish "caught" and "cot."
On the other hand, RP "caught" sounds like "coat" to US ears (in general).


>RP pronounces "Austria" with the vowel of "cot", incidentally.
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>>It's precisely your (and my) differentiation of the two sounds that makes
>>this a pun.  If you merged the two vowels, it wouldn't be a pun for
>>you--just a new instance of homophony.  Or maybe it would be what might be
>>called an "orthographic pun."  (Is there a word for that?  Here we go
>>Anyway, thanks for answering my question.
>>Peter Mc.
>>--On Wed, Feb 9, 2000 4:09 PM -0700 David Bowie <db.list at BYU.EDU> wrote:
>> > so it seems to be a pun on
>> > "ostracism".
>> >
>> > Of course, i don't merge "cot" and "caught", so it's not a perfect pun
>> > my ears...
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