Windy City (1885)

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sat Feb 12 16:53:36 UTC 2000

    I always check and recheck stuff on the Library of Congress's American Memory database.  They keep adding to it, so it's a good idea.  You can check the database at home (you can find the site through any search engine).
    It looks like I was wrong on "Windy City" after all.

"From the Windy City: Judge Foote's Civil Right decision."
September 19, 1885.

    I had traced "Windy City" to January 1886.  All throughout 1886, "Windy City" was regarded as a new term and newspapers began switching over from the old "Garden City" nickname.
    The LOC American Memory source is the Ohio Historical Society, The African American Experience in Ohio, 1850-1920.
    The newspaper fragment does not show the 1885 date--I hope that's right.  The Cleveland Gazette began in 1883--can we assume "Windy City" is not there in 1883, 1884, or earlier in 1885?

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