"product" as non-manufactured--related business jargon

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Mon Feb 14 10:24:42 UTC 2000

I've often heard ministers temporize--that is use contemporary words or
slogans in order to relate to their parishioners.  The strategy is to get the
listener's attention  by using a familiar slogan, after which the minister
can make his/her point.  A slogan liske, "We grow souls," has readily
identifiable analogues in other businesses, such as cosmetology ('We grow
hair,), farming ('We grow food.') banking ('We grow your money.'), as well as

A few of the numerous examples I've heard are the following:
"In the service of the Lord, you can't 'have it your way' "[BURGER KING]
'Only the Lord knows for sure." [LADY CLAROL ("Only your hairdresser knows
for sure.")]
"I've fallen (reference to sin), and I can't get up." (From tv commercial)
"When 'God' speaks, people listen." (Reference to financial planner

Usually when this strategy is resorted to , their is an immediate reaction
from the congregation (a chuckle, Amen, etc.).  At this point, realizing that
(s)he has the group's undivided attention, the minister then proceeds with
the job of selling his/her product, "the Word."

In other words, churches have become "big business" enterprises and, like
other businesses, must function in that manner or risk losing its patrons to
the competition.

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