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    From William O. McGeehan's column in the NEW YORK HERALD-TRIBUNE, 28 October 1924, pg. 19, col. 2:

    _"The Old College Try"_
    (...) This is indicated in an expression of contempt used by professional baseball players.  They have coined the term, "Giving it the old college try."  This is used in referring to an athlete who risks a broken bone in attempting a play that is obviously impossible, such as crashing into a stone wall after a loose fly.  Sometimes a professional baseball player forgets himself and does make one of those "old college trys."  Home Run Baker did it once and broke several ribs.  It was regarded as foolish and futile, and perhaps it was from the point of view of the professioanl athlete.
   Yet professional baseball might be all the better if the athletes would forget themselves a little more frequently and make a few of the "old college trys."  This may be only a gesture, but it is a gesture that might carry some conviction with the fans as to the earnestness of the athletes.  This would be good business if it were nothing else.


   By the way, see the American Memory database for "Garden City."  The same Cleveland Gazette used "Garden City" just a few months before it used "Windy City" in 1885...I changed my mind and might go to the Library of Congress later this week, where I'll check out the Cleveland newspapers of 1885.  (I had checked Chicago and NY.)
   Attached is a much delayed, really useless response from the Boston Red Sox.  Maybe I should hit my head against the wall--it feels so good when you stop.
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